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jubilee day by Rawan.


We going have good time in jubilee day and we going have nice party.                                                                                                                        

we going  were red w

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Hello my name is Fahad i am happy because tomorow we are celabraiting how long she’s been in power and tomorow.iam looking foword to eat the cakes ,biscuits and drinking diet coke also pepsi we have to  red white and blue because thats for the britian flag

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What I am looking forward about Jubilee Zacharia


I am going to look foward to all of the party and all of the parting wear a read  and best of the games were going to play I will love it at jubilee day because I get to  wear I will wear a red t-shirt.

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celabrating the queens jubilee sabrina


i can,t wait till tomorow  its our class party to celabrate the queens jubilee  

its going to be so fun , were going to have food  and sweets also drinks all for the party  we can also wear our own clothes but we have to wear red white  and blue  it is going to be such a fun day its going to be the best day of my life were going to dance 

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jubilee day by Walid

I am looking forward of jubilee day is that we get to wear our own clothes and eat party food because I hate wearing my uniform and I like having party foods like fizzy drink,cake,pancakes and everything is nice.
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What Ruth is excited about tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tomorrow I am excited because it is the queens jubilee  and there is going to be fun  games and activities and yummy food and dancing to loud music and everyone going to party. I think it is going to be a good day tomorrow when people are in red,white and blue and i think that tomorrow the queen is going to be happy and proud of what we have and she going to be in joy because she has are country for and long time. 


I hope everyone is going to enjoy everything tomorrow

BY RUTH!!!!!

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jubilee day

Hello and my name is NIMA.I am raely happy becase tomarrou we are selebrayting the qeen’s 60th ana
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Tamim’s Juballee expriance.


I am going to have lots of fun  even I am going to wear a barcalona t-shirt I am going to bring chrisps love from Tamim

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3/4G visit Stockport Air Raid Shelters as part of our WW2 topic


3/4G visit Stockport Air Raid Shelters on PhotoPeach

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karis and shilaya story


One day me and Karis were going to the park and we ,played together and it was a lovley day.And shilaya went to my house and it was lovley then she went home.It was a lovley day today.Can shilaya come agen i went agen THE END.

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